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Death For Coco means death by coconut in half English and half Spanish. My name is Michael Montalvo and I am the owner/creator (I am also white and Puerto Rican). The first idea of Death Por Coco came in 2021 at the beautiful Condado Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was there with my girlfriend (at the time) and she had no idea that coconuts kill people. I thought it was funny and made a company. My goal is to enhance your beach experience with all natural and ethically sourced products. As the slogan goes, 'Inspired by a lifestyle where falling coconuts is your biggest fear. With every purchase I donate to ocean preservation and Type 1 Diabetes research. Let’s find a cure!
Currently, I am operating out of South Florida. There are a ton of ideas coming to fruition soon that are meant for making your beach lifestyle way more rad. Stay tuned, watch out for those coconuts and always look arriba! Thanks, with much love.